Concert Review: Muscadine Bloodline @ Empire Live, 10/13/2023

If you were anywhere near Empire Live last Friday night, you might have felt a certain buzz in the air. That’s because Mobile, Alabama’s own Muscadine Bloodline, was in town, delivering a show that had the whole place jumping! Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster, the dynamic duo that makes up the band, have been causing quite the stir with their “Teenage Dixie Tour,” selling out venues left and right, even without the usual country radio fanfare.

How, you might ask? Well, these guys have been grinding! They’ve got their music pumping through streaming platforms and have been hitting the road hard, gathering fans the good old-fashioned way—one live show at a time. And folks, their performance was nothing short of electric.

Photo by Jacob Sawyer

With a setlist of 22 songs deep, featuring tunes across all their albums, there wasn’t a dull moment. They kicked off with “Dead On Arrival” from their 2022 album “Dispatch to 16th Ave,” and man, their harmonies were on point—think modern-day Everly Brothers vibes.

But these guys know how to mix it up and keep things fresh, too. They tossed in a killer medley of 90’s country favorites, tipping their hats to legends like Joe Diffie, Clint Black, and Alan Jackson, before sliding seamlessly into their own tribute, “Pocketful of 90’s Country.”

And just when you thought you had their style pegged, they hit us with a surprise—a wicked rendition of Blink 182’s “Adam’s Song.” The crowd went wild! And, of course, they didn’t skip over the hits that got them here. When “Me On You” and “Porch Swing Angel” came on, everyone in the crowd was belting the lyrics right back at them.

Photo by Jacob Sawyer

I’ll be honest—I’ve never heard these guys on my local country station, and that’s a real puzzle. Seeing them live, they’re just powerhouse performers, pure and simple. If they’re not on your radar, they should be. Give them a listen on Spotify, especially their new “Teenage Angst” EP—it’s got this brilliant cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “Hear You Me” that you’ve got to hear.

So, if Muscadine Bloodline’s tour bus is rolling into a city near you, do yourself a favor—grab a ticket and get ready for a night of top-tier country music. You can thank me later!

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