Photo Gallery: My Morning Jacket @ Palace Theatre, 10/25/2023

My Morning Jacket’s concert at Albany’s historic Palace Theatre was a wonderful night of pure musical magic. Although the crowd was initially thin, it progressively grew as the evening progressed, creating an atmosphere of excitement throughout the venue. It was an excellent concert experience, with several crucial factors contributing to its success.

Photo by Jim Gilbert

First and foremost, the sound quality was superb. The performance of My Morning Jacket was crystal clear, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the music. Every note and song rang out perfectly, showcasing the band’s amazing musical prowess.

Another noteworthy element of the evening was the light show. It not only set the tone, but it also added a visual layer to the music, producing a captivating environment that enhanced the overall performance.

Photo by Jim Gilbert

The infectious excitement of the crowd, however, was what actually made the evening unforgettable. Throughout the night, concertgoers were really enthusiastic and engaged, reflecting the band’s committed and passionate fan base. Not to mention the adorable Long Island couple who dressed up as My Morning Jacket’s spirit animal, adding a delightful touch of fandom to the proceedings.

The event was also a terrific opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances, with familiar faces like Justin and Jen from Lark Hall and Tom from the Jive Hive in attendance, adding to the sense of community.

Photo by Jim Gilbert

The playlist was a fantastic mix of old favorites and newer songs, leaving fans nostalgic while still hopeful about the band’s newer releases.

Basically, the My Morning Jacket concert at the Palace was a night of musical perfection. It was worth the late night (ending close to midnight) on a school night.

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