Ab The Audicrat to drop new album “Into the Sunset”

Ab The Audicrat is ready to drop a new full-length album—something with a little more meat on the bone than his previous work this summer—to usher in the year’s closing.

“Into the Sunset” is the Albany producer’s latest full-length album, aptly named for the waning days of 2023. It’s a new instrumental project, and it offers something “very different.”

“This 10-track album is comprised of mainly psychedelic folk samples and has a very different vibe from my past work,” said Brendan Paulsen. “My aim is to reach a wider audience while still keeping my signature sound.”

Paulsen’s been busy in his home studio. In January, he repackaged an instrumental release of “Audigrafx”, an album previously recorded with Emcee Graffiti and Xkwisit under AGX last December. He followed that with “16 Minutes” late in the summer, featuring ten quick-hit tracks totaling no more than what’s promised in the title.

The hip-hop vet has embarked on a relentless mission to craft the kind of music he said he yearns to groove to – a sonic tapestry that’s robust, refined, and oh-so-delicious. Formerly running the scene as Abs01ute, Paulsen has dedicated the better half of two decades to perfecting his art and immersing himself in every facet of hip-hop. 

His portfolio boasts collaborations with a diverse array of artists, including C-Rayz Walz, Bender, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, Astronautalis, Xkwisit, Jimmy The Loch, Caucasian, Benn Grim, Timmy Wiggins, Grimace, Climax, and Intikana, among others. As a solo artist, he’s produced “Absolute Hip-Hop” (2005 and 2011) and “The Game of Rap: Altered Beats” (2011).

He was pivotal in the studio, producing much of Giant Gorilla Dog Thing’s 2014 double LP “Horse.”  He followed that with a masterful team-up with Shyste in 2017. “Lord of the Flys,” a 17-track work that stands out as a masterpiece, features operatic choral music accompanied by dramatic sound clips from the 1990 film “Lord of the Flies.”

Paulsen’s latest work clocks in at more than 16 minutes, giving fans something to feast upon as Thanksgiving approaches. “Horizon,” the album’s introductory track, leads in with a Western theme accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It’s quick to jump out of the way with a street beat track, “Stay With Me,” establishing expectations for the remainder of the album for an eclectic listen. 

Paulsen teased the release of his new work early this week with a sample from “Travis,” a track that’s deep into the listening experience, featuring a bluesy electric guitar that’s more akin to AB’s familiar vibe. A sit-through of the whole album showcases a varied work worth listening to.

“Into the Sunset” drops on streaming channels Friday, Nov. 10.

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