String Machine to strike the stage, Nov 18th in Troy

TROY – String Machine is coming to the Capital Region, promising a show that will transport fans into their world full of indie rock tunes. The band’s unique sound already entices audience members, but to hear String Machines sound live and in person will be an experience.

String Machine has three released albums, with their latest album, “Hallelujah Hell Yeah.” “Hallelujah Hell Yeah” highlights String Machines diverse sound, all while telling a story.

“Anxiety and personal struggles fueled the inspiration for this album,” revealed Beck, the band’s frontperson. “Music became the sweet spot where I could conquer my inner demons while staying productive.”

String Machine’s music has always been lyrically profound, but “Hallelujah Hell Yeah” emphasizes that the band is transparent with their lyrics, making their songs relatable.

String Machine’s songwriting process proves how intentional the lyrics are as Beck further says “Instead of stringing random words together, I aimed for purpose in every lyric.”

Be sure to purchase tickets now to get the chance to have a great time and experience an unbelievable show full of talented musicians!


Tickets are on sale now, starting at $10.30. The show will be held at No Fun in Troy (275 River St. 12180 Troy), on Saturday, November 18th. The show will kick off at 8:00 P.M. For further information please visit

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