Five Albums, One Night, with the Jonas Brothers, December 2nd

ALBANY – The Jonas Brothers are back on tour, but this time promising a show like none other. The brothers are set to perform a total of 67 songs from five different albums in each show! On top of this, the brothers plan to pull out and revamp a few Disney Channel throwbacks!

Knowing your audience is huge in the music world, and the Jonas Brothers are well aware that their crowd is a mix of fresh faces and die-hards who know the classics. So they’ve placed their newer stuff throughout. The Jonas Brothers plan to play hits off their newest release titled “The Album,” which is full of groovy 70s and 80s vibes, but also recognize that fans don’t only want to hear the new stuff. With this in mind, the brothers will include songs from all five released albums, starting from way back in 2007. Along with this, the Jonas Brothers will add in singles and tracks from their solo projects to add to the excitement and diversity of the show.

Photo by Jim Gilbert

The vibe at a Jonas Brothers show is nothing less than electric! Nick, Joe, and Kevin own the stage with their pure passion and invite fans to dance and sing along, all while soaking up the nostalgia. And the way the boys perform together is so special since they have that brotherly bond. The Jonas Brothers have mastered the art of putting on a show, and mastering this goes beyond just the music; it has to do with the whole experience. The lights, the visuals, and the way the Joe Bros. engage with the crowd prove their talents as performers.

So, if you’re into live music that will hit you with all the feels, this tour is a must-see. It’s not just a concert, but a night filled with nostalgia, pure talent, and the kind of energy that’ll have you reliving the night for days. Be sure to get tickets now, as they will certainly sell out!


Tickets are on sale now, starting at just $39.95. The show will take place on December 2nd, 2023, at the MVP Arena. Doors will open at 7:00 P.M. For further information, please visit

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