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A handful of cool tunes on the playlist tonight…
Valerie Barbosa – “Candy
Bruiser and Bicycle – “Cinnabar Altar
Patrick Sharrow – “Turncoat Blues
timing – “The King
Glass Pony – “Carnival of Babylon

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Attic Classic: The Lucky Jukebox Brigade was born in 2010, when lead singer Deanna DeLuke was couch surfing across the country with a backpack and a ukulele. Looking to start a band, she posted ads in every town she liked and planned on moving to wherever she found the right people. That turned out to be her hometown of Albany, NY.

In its early days, the band sometimes ballooned into an 11 piece that included two tubas and a musical saw – a crazy, wild, and messy gypsy-styled band that was a lot of fun to see live. An eclectic mix of musical styles did not detract from songs with catchy melodies and introspective lyrics.

By the time The Lucky Jukebox Brigade recorded their debut album Pretty Well Damned in 2012, the group’s size was down to eight members. Across 14 songs, the album showcased the band’s versatility and their ability to seamlessly blend different musical influences. After heading out on a number of tours and self-releasing two albums – the last being 2015’s Savage Fantastic – the Brigade shapeshifted into a 5-piece, indie pop punk party.

The Attic Classic song is “Dollhouse” from the 2012 debut album Pretty Well Damned. There was a video released for the song, shot by Steven Senisi of Evolution of Music which you can watch below.

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