Bendt and Paradisa at Gug’s

New York Capital Region based alt rock bands Bendt and Paradisa are converging at the famous Gug’s in Glens Falls, NY for a night of beautiful music and sweaty gugs (if you haven’t heard of or tried the famous drink you’re in for a treat…)


With lyrical grit, dynamic grooves, and atmospheric, yet driving melodies, Bendt has carved a distinctive sound into the face of modern rock. Formed in 2015, Bendt evolved out of the crucible of the Albany, New York music scene as a passion project between friends. Bandmates Matt Plummer (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Carl Blackwood (lead guitar and drums), John Longo (bass), and Cody Bingham (drums) work to craft a unique presence, one that draws from their individual musicianship and shared love of hard rock, alternative, metal, and funk. As Bendt’s songs leap between soaring riffs and emotive screams, to unusual time signatures and bass-heavy flows, the band captures something that is universal while simultaneously personal and immediate.


Straddling the line between hooky alternative rock and the musical freedom of the neo-progressive movement of the mid-2000s, Upstate New York’s paradisa is an amalgamation of influences, experiences, and viewpoints. Four longtime friends who found each other in various corners of the burgeoning punk & alternative scenes of Northern NY, the newly anointed band have found themselves searching for truth in a world of fallacies.

The event is finished.


Mar 06 - 07 2020


9:00 pm - 1:00 am


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