Brunch with Bob featuring Jacob Shipley

Jacob is an anxiety-ridden vegetarian environmentalist who broke his femur at age five. He hasn’t been the same since.

He started writing music in his tween years while struggling to explain all of his complex tween emotions. Early lyrics went something like this: “We are part of this timeline, it’s all wrong now.” Over the years they have gotten slightly more optimistic, and a bit more nuanced. Learning about metaphors was a BIG revelation.

Jacob’s current project is called Quarantine Nudes — a series of songs exploring the collective loneliness of the COVID 19 Pandemic. Each recording lives in an ethereal and sometimes minimalist world that leaves space for the listener to process their own emotional well-being.

His musical collaborators are Emily Gregonis of the Bandshes, Sydney Parra, and Matthew Gregory. His fantastical collaborators are Damien Rice, Phoebe Bridgers, the Decemberists, Lucius, David Byrne, Joni Mitchell, and Tallest Man on Earth.

As a theatre artist, Jacob is most interested in new works that expand accessibility, present less examined perspectives, and are focused on enacting positive change. He tends to work on theatrical projects with actor/musician ensembles and sang “All Good Gifts” as part of the first ever actor/musician production of Godspell, at Saint Michael’s Playhouse.

He has toured the United States as John Newton in the First National Tour of Amazing Grace: The Musical and been featured in multiple productions of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. He has helped develop new plays and musicals with the WP Theatre, Lincoln Center Education, Our Establishment LLC, and in plenty of New York City apartments.

When he’s not composing or performing, Jacob is a teaching artist. As well as leading masterclasses and working in early childhood music education, he has his own private studio teaching guitar, saxophone, and voice. His students range from five years old to 50 and enjoy his sardonic humor and supportive nature.
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Jacob Shipley is a Breedlove Artist.

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Jul 11 2021


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Cambridge, New York
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