Dr.Lo and the Instructors { feat. Lo Faber and Tom Pirozzi }

The “Dr. Lo & Big TP” duo brings together Lo Faber (of God Street Wine) on guitar and vocals with Tom Pirozzi (of Ominous Seapods) on bass. These two old friends have played together in many contexts over the years, but 2019 marks the first time they have toured as a twosome. The duo commands an extensive repertoire of originals from both members’ legacy bands, Faber’s more recent material, and a wide array of covers ranging from Dylan and the Dead to R&B, bluegrass, and gospel classics.

The Duo’s first tour dates in August 2019, between God Street Wine dates, were such a great time that the pair now plan to continue touring together. The two accomplished players have a listening connection that makes each song an intimate improvisational excursion. Faber’s acoustic and electric guitars provide a wide array of textures from gentle strumming to blistering leads, while Pirozzi’s funky electric bass and loop pedal creates an entire rhythm section unto himself. The duo’s goal, playing house parties, coffeehouses, and opening slots, is to “explore the inner layers of the songs, keep it spontaneous, surprise each other, and surprise our listeners.”


The event is finished.


Feb 22 2020


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


The Low Beat
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