Pom Pom’s Punk Prom 2021


Where: The Avalon Lounge in Catskill, NY
When: Saturday, October 2nd, Doors open at 5PM
How much: $5
Who: Well… a lot of people. The poster should tell you if you don’t want to read the blurbs about the music.
21+ event

Well, I guess we made it to see POM POM’S PUNK PROM 2021 (or “Px4 21”) become a reality, how about that? We really made it just under the wire but here we are.

Much like last year, this year’s Px4 21 will be taking place at The Avalon Lounge in Catskill, NY. We are thankful and excited to be able to host this wonderful shindig at The Avalon again, and we can only hope that everyone here is just as excited as we are to be bringing back live music to the small town of Catskill.

Need a place to eat and/or drink during or before the show? You’re in luck, the Avalon Lounge contains a bar and a kitchen that makes homestyle Korean food that is (in our opinion) completely undefeated, and a bar that serves some quality drinks for people of all drink tastes so come dance the night away, and support a local business by enjoying some good drinks and good food at a good place (for more info and their menu check out their website: https://www.theavalonlounge.com/food-drink)

No dress code is required (despite whatever some gatekeeping jackoff wants to tell you because you’re “not a real punk or whatever), but if you really want, dress nicely and bring a date. After all, it IS Punk Prom. If you’re not the “bring a date” type that’s cool, too. We’re not here to judge.

$5 gets you access to a full night of music from a variety of acts. Yes, $5. For real.


This event will be hosted by John Santana, and will feature special musical selections in between acts from Charlotte Kirkpatrick and his collection of records so the fun never stops at Px4 21.

An old friend of ours opens up this year’s Punk Prom with an acoustic set featuring some great cover songs as well as some amazing original material. If you’ve never seen or heard Joe’s music before then you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on this performance!

Whoever said punk is a young man’s game has clearly never heard the rip-roaring, ball-smashing, death-defying sounds of Cell 63. This punk trio from Rosendale are not only worth the price of admission alone, but are out here giving us some of the best fucking music we’ve heard in a long time. They put on a killer show, too, and we wouldn’t have them here if we didn’t believe that whole-heartedly. Make no mistake, these folks are here to kick ass.

Look, a lot of projects started over the last year “in quarantine,” and this trio from Albany, NY are no exception. Featuring members of our friends from Nine Votes Short (who played a particularly legendary set at last year’s Px4), Lürking Class are a street-punk group whose self-titled EP came out earlier this year, recalling the finer moments of Circle Jerks, Ramones, and the band formerly known as Nine Votes Short (for obvious reasons). Whoever wants to “Keep Albany Boring” can promptly go fuck themselves because Lürking Class is here to keep things weird.

When The Pom Pom Girls started off, we wanted to find ways to mesh punk, 50s rock, and good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll into one sound. We failed at that, but Mike Matteson from Spring City, PA is here to give you your rock and roll fix and do what we couldn’t. Mike will be doing a special one-man-band performance as he runs through some of his greatest hits from a vast discography of tunes. Get ready to dance to the rock and roll sounds of Marvelous Mike Matteson!

Look. We know the title is “Pom Pom’s PUNK Prom,” but we needed to deviate from the norm a little bit. Y’all didn’t see anyone complaining when Sonic Blue played and they’re not exactly punk, right? And they ended up being pretty damn good, right? So zip it and be nice to this artist! Hailing from Boston, MA is a deadly mix of break core, gabber, jungle, and digital hardcore courtesy of High Five The Birthday Boy with a killer set that’s gonna get you moshing easier than you’d think.

The only thing to do in Binghamton, NY is leave. Seriously. What does that city have? A college, some decent chicken sandwiches, and a minor league baseball team. Big freakin’ whoop. However, what is not known to many is that Binghamton is also home to a really ripe underground music scene, and the fellas in STAY OFF THE FENCE are some of the kings of the Binghamton underground. (They still don’t appreciate my comments about Binghamton even though they’re 100% true. Anyway…) Combining blues, punk rock, and garage rock in a way that’s absolutely lethal Stay Off The Fence are guaranteed to bring down the house at Px4 21 and leave you wanting more. They also have a new album out August 4th, so get ready to come jam out to their latest set of new rock and roll GOATness

Yeah, yeah, Binghamton, I went through that entire thing already. Ratlung Worm are from there, too, and will be backed up by the fellas in STAY OFF THE FENCE who are all bringing you a hellish set of rap-rock goodness. Ratlung Worm goes hard and while there isn’t much up on Bandcamp and everything else was recently removed from streaming services, videos of his live performances with SOTF show an absolute rager is brewing courtesy of our friends in Binghamton, so don’t miss out on all the fun.

Punk has unfortunately been relegated to mostly being a man’s genre for a large amount of its history, but that’s not stopping the folks at DIRTYBANDAID from bringing feminist riot grrrrl punk to Binghamton, NY and beyond. This hardcore trio are not only Binghamton royalty, but they also write powerful feminist tunes, kick major ass, and put on an absolutely killer show on top of being overall positive influences on the Binghamton music scene, and to think they’ll be here at The Avalon for Pom Pom’s Punk Prom 2021 of all places! We’re really excited to bring them here and you should be excited to experience them for yourselves!�https://dirtybandaidx.bandcamp.com/releases

There comes a time and a place where a band will put on a performance that’s so memorable and iconic that it just sticks in your brain for years to come. Dark Hippie play those shows on a somewhat regular basis whether it’s their performance at last year’s Px4 (as one of only three returning acts), or their Halloween 2020 set at Crazy Dan’s in New Paltz. Featuring a tasteful combo of sludge metal, psychedelic rock, and straight-up stoner vibes, Dark Hippie have always been a band to watch out for, and this year’s Px4 is no exception. They released their self-titled album shortly near the beginning of quarantine and are now here to bring those vibes to y’all, so get ready and get hyped for these squares.

If you don’t know who Black Mesa are, have you been living under a rock? Aside from being good friends of The Pom Pom Girls they have been kicking ass for long before most of these bands were even a twinkle of a thought in somebody’s eye. Their energetic live shows always send a shock to the system, but they’ve spent the last year and a half being really bored and are ready to let loose on the Punk Prom stage once again! They’re the noisiest, heaviest, and most hardcore thing you’re gonna see in a hot minute (probably), and really you’ve already read this far, so why not just stay and watch them do the damn thing?

Fuzz rock bass-and-drum duo from Upstate NY. Reuniting for a special one-off performance featuring Mike Matteson on

The event is finished.


Oct 02 2021


5:00 pm - 11:59 pm


The Avalon Lounge, 29 Church St, Catskill, NY 12414, USA
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