Pony in the Pancake and Friends

Lark Hall Presents Pony in the Pancake and Friends. Join us in welcoming this collectives of musicians from Troy NY.

Pony in the Pancake
Pony in the Pancake has been a mainstay on the Capital District music scene since the mid 2000s. Anyone who’s had the pleasure of witnessing their live show has felt the sweet spot where the propulsion of the Velvet Underground, the wide-eyed romanticism and surf twang of the Beach Boys, and the elliptical grooves of Krautrock intersect. The band likes to call their style “True Wave.” – Jeremy Schwart, Chronogram

Haley Moley
In early 2015 house music dj and dance music producer Jennifer Maher Coleman (DJ Jennifer Haley) and indie rocker Paul Coleman(Mount Mole, Sinkcharmer, Beaked Whale, The Operators) combined their aliases and their musical sensibilities to form Haley Moley. Moody synth and guitar rock over electronic beats ultimately blossomed into a full-on five-piece with the welcome addition of Andrea Kosek (DJ Goldeedust, keyboards), Pat Thorpe (of DJ duo Partyhorn, bass guitar) and Mike Beroomhead (also of Partyhorn, drums). With a high concentration of electronic, funk, and disco dj’s on board, as well as decades of rock experience steeped in atmospheric, dirty guitars, Haley Moley delivers a complex amalgam echoing these disparate roots and emerges refreshingly uncategorizable.

Electric Turtle
Sweet Surf Love Songs dipped in melodic psychedelic water colors. Music that can change your life.

Great Mutations
Great Mutations writes melodic, literate rock songs about love, work, and death.

Joe Taurone
Space alien pepperoni boy, joetaurone, plays rock music for you and your friends. Armed with an aluminum axe and his digital band, there will be rocking and/or rolling.

Christina Abbott
Christina Abbott has been performing under various monikers in different bands over the past 2 decades – bringing her unique songwriting, melodic sensibilities and a “voice that could melt provolone” into all she does. She is looking forward to self producing and releasing a new album in 2022. She has opened for the likes of Kaki King, Debbie Gibson and Dispatch to name a few.


The event is finished.


Jun 04 2022


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Lark Hall, 351 Hudson Ave, Albany, NY 12210, USA

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