NipperFest 2022’s mission is to promote the incredible local music scene that we enjoy here in the Capital Region. So it was only natural that when Nippertown’s Jim Gilbert wanted to put together their own music festival that it would focus on our local musicians. NipperFest is the largest free local music festival of the year in the Capital Region. The All-Star line-up for the inaugural NipperFest honors the best of what’s produced here and will feature 15 bands and acoustic artists totaling 11 hours of music from several Thomas Edison Music Award winners and nominees, two Capital Region Music Hall of Fame inductees, the winner of NBC’s The Voice, and some up and comers who are destined to be the next generation of hometown stars. 

 Putnam Place Main Stage
(Music Haven Amphitheatre)  

Capital Region Living /
Saratoga Living Acoustic Stage
(Thomas Isabella Pavilion)
10:55 AM    Derek Wolfe
(Star-Spangled Banner)
11:00 AMSide B11:30 AMThe Tradition
12:00 PMGlass Pony12:45 PMJosh Casano
1:15 PMBad Mothers2:00 PMAngelina Valente
2:30 PMErin Harkes Band3:15 PMReese Fulmer
3:45 PMGirl Blue4:30 PMCaity Gallagher
5:00 PMSirsy6:00 PMSydney Worthley
6:30 PMSuper 4007:30 PMSawyer Fredericks
8:30 PMThe Figgs  
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The Figgs

The Figgs NipperFest

The Figgs, 35 years after forming in Saratoga Springs, Mike Gent (guitar, vocals), Pete Donnelly (bass, vocals), and Pete Hayes (drums, vocals) are still going strong. They signed with Imago in 1993, moved to Capitol in ‘95, and have since released a dozen more records on smaller labels or under the band’s own Stomper imprint. They’ve served as Graham Parker’s band for multiple tours & records, toured as the backing band for Tommy Stinson (The Replacements), and performed with a who’s who of the rock hall of fools! In 2021, they were inducted into the Capital Region Music Hall of Fame and 2022 saw the release of their 16th LP, Chemical Shake.

Sawyer Fredericks

Sawyer Fredericks NipperFest

Americana singer-songwriter, Sawyer Fredericks, hailing from his family farm in Fultonville, cut his teeth at the age of 13, playing local farmers’ markets, open mics, and iconic New York Venues like Caffe Lena, the Towne Crier Cafe, and The Bitter End. With his deep, beyond-his-years original lyrics and melodies, raw, soulful vocals, and powerful live performances, Sawyer seemed an unlikely match for reality tv, but having been scouted by casting directors at 15, he quickly won over broad audiences with his genuine delivery and unique arrangements of classic songs, going on to win season 8 of NBC’s The Voice.

Super 400

Super 400 NipperFest

Super 400 is Joe Daley (drums), Kenny Hohman (guitar, vocals), and Lori Friday (bass). The band formed in 1996 in Troy and quickly gained legendary status in the Capital District of New York. Super 400 has an electric and relentless approach to their live shows, intuitively blending a classic 60s-70s heavy rock vibe with contemporary melodic pop mastery to create something uniquely their own. Tours both in the US and abroad started a chain of bootleg recordings that have been traded and coveted around the world. Their international following sold out over 20 shows across Europe on their last tour.

Sydney Worthley

Sydney Worthley NipperFest

Sydney Worthley rings out melodies and vocal parts nodding towards Florence and the Machine, while songwriting styles comparable to Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers shine through her songs. By writing from personal brooding memory, Worthley strives to make connections with her audience through her healing processes. Now in 2022 following the release of her 2020 EP “Rose Colored Glasses”, she has two nominations at the Eddie’s Music Awards, a feature on NPR’s Heavy Rotation list, and a new project right around the corner.


Sirsy NipperFest

Sirsy is an indie pop-rock duo with lots of heart, soul, & sass. Sirsy plays 200+ shows per year all over the US and is fronted by singer-songwriter & drummer Melanie Krahmer (who also plays bass on a keyboard with her drumstick). Mel’s bandmate, husband, co-writer, & bestie is Rich Libutti. Rich plays a well-loved and road-worn Rickenbacker through a pedal board full of vintage effects (& bass on a pedal board with his feet). These 2 multi-instrumentalists manage to sound like a full band and somehow do it all with big smiles on their faces. Their live shows often include heartfelt stories, dance parties, and nerdy jokes.  Sirsy’s fans have supported the duo through the pandemic, their 11 records, and Mel’s 2 bouts with cancer.  So, every show is like a celebration for this couple and their fans. Come celebrate life with them!

Caity Gallagher

Caity Gallagher NipperFest

“A folk singer-songwriter based in the Capital Region, Caity Gallagher’s rootsy compositions and lilting vocal lines serve to showcase intimate lyrics that tell universally relatable stories. Likened to a modern combination of The Cranberries and Jackson Browne, Caity elevates melodic, lyrical, and emotional expression in her music, with each song aiming to map the endless meandering paths of the human experience.”

Caity Gallagher will be playing the Acoustic Stage at 4:30 pm.

Girl Blue

Girl Blue NipperFest

Girl Blue is the moniker of singer-songwriter Arielle O’Keefe. She writes soulful, acoustic pop music, masterfully pairing catchy, singable hooks with lyrics that cover deep and intricately emotional topics. She’s been widely praised for her excellent lyricism and powerhouse vocals. Both her debut single “Fire Under Water” and her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” have been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, have charted virally and have been featured in international commercials and television shows. She continues to release music independently from Troy, New York.

Reese Fulmer

Reese Fulmer NipperFest

If you ask Reese about himself, he’ll tell you he’s a brand new soul. But his songs tell a different story, with a clear eye, poetic touch, and unique imagination, of a conduit to something much older and deeper. Reese has quickly made a name for himself as a precocious songwriter and engaging performer, with a sound reminiscent of Justin Townes Earle and Iron & Wine. His Carriage House Band features a fluid lineup with some of the finest and most versatile musicians in the Capital Region. Reese will be joined today by JP Hubbs on keyboard.

Erin Harkes

Erin Harkes NipperFest

Though Erin Harkes has been on the circuit for nearly two decades her band is just over a year old and the best lineup she’s ever fronted! They’ve helped inspire new songs and breathed life into the older ones. Always a high-energy, power-packed performance! 

Erin Harkes will be doing a bunch of her originals and will be playing the Main Stage at 2:30 pm. If you haven’t caught Erin with the full band it is a fun experience that is guaranteed to get people up on their feet and dancing.

Angelina Valente

Angelina Valente NipperFest

Angelina’s soft piano and strong voice, complete with her honest lyrics make you want to curl up with a warm cup of tea. Her bedroom folk qualities give you that feeling of putting on your favorite album, closing your eyes, and falling deeply into the moment.

Angelina Valente will be playing the Acoustic Stage at 2 PM. Her sweet voice and strong delivery will have you yearning for more.

Bad Mothers

Bad Mothers NipperFest

The dirty-rock band from Albany heralded for their consistently hard-hitting performances. Recently signed to Black Country Rock Media, their new self-titled album is out now. The band consists of Matt Dalton, Patrick Flores, Brian Chiappinelli, and Kevin Bohen.

Josh Casano

Josh Casano NipperFest

Josh Casano is a classically trained singer/songwriter from Latham. For over a decade now, Josh has used a loop station in which he has the ability to sound like a full band by adding varied textures and layers into each song.

Glass Pony

Glass Pony NipperFest

Encapsulating influences stretching across decades from psychedelic and jam-focused rock, to funk, post-punk, and even modern indie and post-rock, the Albany collective Glass Pony offers a sound that truly translates through generations, with a stylistic blend built to engage a broad listenership. The band is comprised of Chanda Dewey (drums), Eddie Hotaling (guitar, lead vocals), Jeff Picarazzi (bass), and Greg Pittz (lead guitar). If you’re seeking an experience that dives much deeper than the usual rigidly-arranged performance, hop on and enjoy the ride.

The Tradition

The Tradition trio featuring Ralph Renna, Arya Chowdhury & Peter Annello, brings a stripped-down 3 guitar attack of original rock and blues. Performing unique versions of new and older original material, exclusive to Nipperfest 2022.  The full band will be heading into the studio this year to record an  EP  titled “Thunder Mountain”. For more info follow at

Side – B

Side B NipperFest

Side-B is a 4-piece alternative rock band from Albany with members: Ian Justino (Vocals), AJ Horton (Guitar), Eric Mitchell (Bass), and Dylan Travison (Drums). They began building a following as teenagers by playing shows around the Capital Region and using social media to their advantage.

Littered with infectious guitar hooks and soaring vocal melodies, their music aims to combine vintage rock music with modern pop sensibilities in a fresh and interesting way. The raw, invigorating sounds of their debut EP and their home-recorded indie-folk single “The Mountain Song” allude to the band’s promising future; and their continuously burgeoning catalog of unreleased music makes every live show a must-see event.

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