Nippertown FAQs

Why didn’t you cover my band / festival / exhibit / performance / show / album?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover every single event that occurs in our readership area. We try to spotlight items that we think will most interest our readers.

It’s also quite possible we didn’t know about it. Did you email us about it? Did you send a photo to go with it?

And perhaps we just ran out of time – if you have a really exciting album / festival / exhibit / performance / show, why not contact us with an idea for a story? We’re not guaranteeing we’ll say yes, but check out how Andy Maroney got great coverage for Bandaoke by writing an article that described the show so vividly, you felt you were there.

What’s the best way to send you event info?

Request Calendar Access here.

You know what we love? Plain text emails with the facts at the top, a link to a website and one or two jpeg images, if applicable. Easy-peasy.

A press release as an attached PDF file is usually okay, but it takes us longer to deal with it.

Send us the event link on Facebook, you can find us on Facebook, right> You already “Like” us.

It’s sad, but we routinely discard cool events that we want to write about because we can’t find enough information about them to list them on Nippertown, or because we can’t decipher the email you sent to us, or because we can’t find a website with contact information.

What are your photo requirements?

With images, bigger is better. We custom compress all images, so please send photos that are at least 600 pixels wide.

Please make sure you have the right to use any image you’re sending us, and please let us know if you need us to give photo credit to your photographer.

You can send a link to an image on another website instead of including the image in an email.

It makes us really happy if you identify the people in the photo. Or the author and title of the artwork in the photo. Or the album title and band name. You get the idea.

Can I reprint one of your posts on my website?

Feel free to post an excerpt from one of our posts with credit and a link back to Please contact us if you wish to reprint a post in its entirety.

Can I use a photo from your site on my website?

For non-commercial purposes, you are free to use our photos so long as you include a photographer credit and a link back to For commercial use, please contact us for permission.

Can I join the team?

We’re always looking for writers, if you’re keen to write album or show reviews and you have good taste in music then get in touch with us and include some examples of written reviews you’ve done. We also want articles on theater, art, culture, food, etc… We’re happy to have people get involved but it’s not a paid job!