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  • Unsigned518 Podcast #40, Deb Cavanaugh

    Unsigned518 Podcast #40, Deb Cavanaugh

    I met Deb this Summer at Nipperfest, but I’ve been familiar with her music for a while now, so it was really cool to have her out to the Dazzle Den. Deb has a storied career that is so interesting, it could be made into a Movie. We go into a little history of her […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #39, The Hard Luck Souls

    Unsigned518 Podcast #39, The Hard Luck Souls

    These guys rock! That is the absolute truth. Check out this episode and learn the history of the Hard Luck Souls, but more than anything, do yourself a favor and listen to their music! You have my word that you will not be disappointed. So, if you are unfamiliar, let me introduce you to The […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #38, Thanks!

    Unsigned518 Podcast #38, Thanks!

    I recently had the band Thanks! over to the Dazzle Den to discuss their music and the origin of the band. We also get a little into their songwriting process and what their acronym BARJ stands for. It’s an interesting conversation with very interesting dudes. Check out Thanks!, you won’t be sorry. Thanks! on Spotify […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #37, Embe Esti

    Unsigned518 Podcast #37, Embe Esti

    Embe Esti has a sound that is hard to place in any one category. Part Funk, part Soul, part Jazz, part World-Beat, and the list goes on. No matter what you are looking for, chances are Embe Esti has it. I got the chance to have the whole band over to the Dazzle Den to […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #36, Gozer

    Unsigned518 Podcast #36, Gozer

    518 Stoner-Rock champs, Gozer came by the Dazzle Den recently and we talked about their formation, their inspiration and of course their music. They are certainly a band to check out, as they are very quickly leaving their mark on the 518! From their live shows, to their recent performance at the Jive Hive, Gozer is […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #35, Jen Maher & Paul Coleman of Architrave

    Unsigned518 Podcast #35, Jen Maher & Paul Coleman of Architrave

    Architrave is one of my favorite bands in the 518 and certainly my top dance/synth band, so it was a pleasure to get to talk to Jen Maher Coleman and Paul Coleman, collectively known as Architrave, but also known for their various other musical projects.  They came by the Unsigned518 studio (aka The Dazzle Den) […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #34, Drew Benton of Haunted Cat

    Unsigned518 Podcast #34, Drew Benton of Haunted Cat

    After watching Haunted Cat perform an amazing set at Lark Hall on 8/12/22, I knew I wanted to have Drew come on the show and discuss the origin of Haunted Cat. Drew gives us insight into his songwriting, stage performance, and where Haunted Cat may be headed in the future. It is an excellent conversation […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #33, Kevin Cardinale of No More Death Stars

    Unsigned518 Podcast #33, Kevin Cardinale of No More Death Stars

    This episode is a little different. I speak with Kevin Cardinale, who has been a 518 musician for years. The only difference is that Kevin recently relocated to Seattle. We discuss not only Kevin’s history in the 518 but also get a feel for how similar or different the Seattle scene is from ours. We […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #32, Angelina Valente

    Unsigned518 Podcast #32, Angelina Valente

    Angelina came by the Unsigned518 studio and we had a great conversation about how her music career got rolling and where it is headed. We discuss her recent trip to Los Angeles to record and how Elton John’s Piano foam helped with vocal isolation. Angelina is unbelievably talented, with amazing original songs that are deeply […]

  • Unsigned518 Podcast #31, Mayheaven

    Unsigned518 Podcast #31, Mayheaven

    I sat down with Mayheaven to discuss his musical journey leading up to now. From folk music to sludgy doom-metal up to his current more acoustic incarnation. Mayheaven is an intriguing act and one that you will certainly be hearing more of. Join me as we get to know a little more about Mayheaven on […]